Mark Zawadski

Personal Trainer - London

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Mark has been involved in sport-specific rehabilitation, corrective exercise, high performance sport-specific conditioning and life coaching for 15 years.

Having played professional football himself, Mark has worked as a conditioning coach in top level Polo, Football and Skiing. From these roles, Mark has collated a huge amount of education and experience to create a world class product.

He has first-hand in depth knowledge of the importance of highly bespoke physical training protocols right from phase 1 rehabilitation to top level in-season conditioning. He also has a large knowledge of how lifestyle and dietary factors can be a major roadblock in the creation of athletic performance, resilience and long term wellness.

Mark is hugely passionate and has the infectious enthusiasm you only find in someone who truly knows their purpose and loves what they do.

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Mark is your personal trainer in London to be in shape before your ski holidays !

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